The ALPIN FILM FESTIVAL is a cultural film, photography and book event, created with the goal to celebrate and promote mountain civilization with all its related activities, such as sport, adventure, tourism, ecology, education and economics. The festival takes place in Predeal, in the centre of Romania and in the middle of the Carpathians Mountains.


Predeal is Romania’s highest altitude city, as well as the destination of choice for many mountain lovers.


AFF is the first and only International Mountain Film Festival in Romania, aiming to bring together a targeted audience of mountain, adventure, adrenaline and sport lovers.


Parallel sections of the festival are The ALPIN BOOK FESTIVAL and The ALPIN PHOTO FESTIVAL.


The festival is inspired by the worldwide success of similar events like BANFF (Canada), GRENOBLE (France) or KATMANDU (Nepal).


The event enjoys the support of the International Alliance for Mountain Film (IAMF), an association gathering more than 25 festivals of the same type, worldwide.








“One of the most powerful quotes about mountains that left its mark on my childhood was that of a great French climber who said «Climbing the mountains is going home».


The idea of organizing The ALPIN FILM FESTIVAL in Predeal, “at my place”, was a natural way of paying my tribute to the Mountain and creating a unique event to celebrate mountain culture.


I strongly believe that such an international event can bring together many of those who are fond of the mountain beauty and wilderness, but also those who are interested in cultivating the mountain culture to the fullest, with all its environmental, sports, economic, cultural, social, tourism- and art- connected aspects.


The ALPIN FILM FESTIVAL will open a window into a world woven of dreams, sport performances and adrenaline, revealing extreme human adventures or exotic, fascinating places. The mountain is a culture in itself.


It conveys a number of values !such as solidarity, caring for the environment, loving nature, preserving traditions, promoting mountain areas and specific products. I kindly invite you to celebrate the MOUNTAIN CULTURE together, right here, in the heart of the Bucegi Mountains.“




Dan BURLAC, President of Alpin Film Festival



Asociația iși propune să reunească artiștii proveniți din diverse discipline din arta spectacolului,
într-un spațiu comun de expresie.

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